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Phillip Hellstrom is the Executive Manager here at Phelcan Group, LLC which was founded in 2017.  Since then he has worked with several different types of businesses and had successful partnerships.  He has extensive practice in researching businesses as a process for lead generation; isolating target market(s) for follow-up correspondence; analyzing metrics for reaching sales goals; conducting sales-training sessions; facilitating opportunities; and generating revenue.
Mr. Hellstrom has been in sales since he was 18 years of age.  He graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Arts in Literacy Studies with a minor in Philosophy.  He has been recognized by Auto Dealer Today Magazine:
– Q & A: Academia is the Bridge to the Millennial Workforce”
– “Your Salespeople Are Being outsold”
– “March Madness: How To Coach Your Rookies”
– “Five Ways Dealer Tech has Failed Us”
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