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Phelcan Group specializes in sales training for automotive dealerships of all kinds. New-car stores, used-car stores, and “Buy-here Pay-here” lots. This training is for new-hires, rookies that are a year or two in, and for seasoned-vets. We come to you, your arena of business, and focus on three specific areas of training.


1)        One-on-One

  • Role playing (Fresh-up / Phone-up / E-up)
  • Role playing (Qualifying / and Secondary)
  • Role playing (Negotiation)
  • Inventory
  • Physical placement
  • Language and sales-pitch
  • Addressing any concerns


2)        Group Course

  • Discussion about the ten steps to selling cars.

                        1)        Meet and Greet

                        2)        Qualifying

                        3)        Select vehicle

                        4)        Walk-around

                        5)        Test-drive

                        6)        Recap and data entry

                        7)        Negotiation

                        8)        Turnover (T.O)

                        9)        Paperwork and referral request

                        10)      Delivery

  • Brainstorming (Sharing different scenarios and offering solutions)
  • Seller vs. Buyer


3)        Individual Evaluation

  • Examining one’s level of comprehension of the ten steps.
  • Pin-pointing one’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reviewing the following results:

               – Number of customers

               – Percentage of worked deals

               – Percentage of closing ratio

               – Ratio between new and used (If open-floor)

               – Total profit

               – Profit per deal


(After reviewing one’s results, we create goals based on strengths and weaknesses.)

These elements within the three areas of training will create a personalized understanding of the selling process for each member of your sales team. In efforts to create a sales team that becomes a natural sales force that is productive and continuously generating revenue.


PHELCAN TRAINING:                                                         

  • Long-term training
  • One-on-One                                    
  • Group course
  • Individual evaluation  
  • Analyzing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personalized
  • Goal-setting



  • A quick run-down on the sales process by co-worker(s) and or superior(s), and never revisited again.
  • A workshop that is jammed into a couple of days, and never discussed after.
  • Live webinars, software tutorials, and or sales packets do not allow for questions to be asked.                                  


The training program by Phelcan Group is formulated to be long-term because knowledge and practical applications can only be beneficial if continuously worked upon. Granted, the program can and will be tailored to the dealer’s specifications.